Indoor skydiving is an extremely popular sport and the number of active flyers is growing every year. Both national and international competitions in indoor skydiving or body flying are organised every year around the world.

Indoor skydiving is suitable for anyone and is accessible to kids and adults alike.
Why Indoor Skydiving?
  • An experience that you will remember for the rest of your life
  • Allows you to try free fall in a safe environment
  • A one minute flight in the wind tunnel is equivalent to a skydive from an altitude of 4 km
  • Teaches you how to control your body and actually fly

Flying in a wind tunnel is a fun activity for any occasion year round. The experience can be shared with family or friends, in a group, or solo.

Superhero kids exist

Many kids dream about flying like their superheroes. This dream can be made a reality at DreamFly!

Indoor skydiving is an activity that your child will not easily forget. The experience is filled with fun moments, excitement, and will improve your child’s confidence and coordination.

Wind Tunnel

An indoor skydiving wind tunnel is a machine that can generate winds speeds up to 300 km/h. The wind tunnel is powered by engines and wind coming from beneath forms a dense column of air inside a glass tube. Wind speed is then adjusted to the size of the person flying, making the wind tunnel a perfect place to experience free fall and practice bodyflying.

Wind tunnels make it safe for anyone older than 4 years old to experience the sensations of free fall and thrill of human flight.

Dreams become reality

when you dare to jump in the unknown. DreamFly will help you fulfill your dream of flying.