Legal terms and conditions

1. Scope of Legal Terms and Conditions

Dreamfly.eu website is operated by: D4F Entertainment Unipessoal, Lda. at Rua Policarpo Anjos 61, 4J, 1495-744 Cruz Quebrada.

These Standard Terms and Conditions apply to the presentation of services, reservations, purchases, and other use of the website as well as the products and services described on the website.

2. Scope of Services

DreamFly operates the website (www.dreamfly.eu) for the sale of flight time (tunnel time) and vouchers for tunnel time, at the indoor skydiving facilities owned by D4F EntertainmentUnipessoal, Lda.

Customers can make direct, binding reservations for tunnel time for a specific time (flight) via the DramFly website.

Customers can also purchase Gift cards (“Vouchers”) via the dreamfly.eu website.

When purchasing a flight or a voucher, the possibility of checking all customer data (e.g. name, address, mode of payment, and articles ordered) and changing them if necessary, is possible before making the order.

If, after checking all the relevant data and accepting our Standard Terms and Conditions, the customer presses the  “Submit order button”, the customer has agreed to make a binding offer to DreamFly. This offer will be accepted (and a contract concluded) after the reservation confirmation has been sent.

The order confirmation will be sent by email immediately after the purchase.

4. Gift cards

Gift cards are non-refundable but transferable and can be redeemed by any person who meets the conditions for our indoor skydiving experience.

Once gifted they become the property of the recipient and cannot be refunded by the seller.

Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Upon the confirmation of a reservation inquiry a contract will be deemed to have been concluded between the holder of the Voucher and DreamFly.

5. Prices

The prices at which tickets and vouchers are offered are binding. All prices quoted are gross prices. Tickets and vouchers are dispatched by email, free of charge.

6. Payment

DreamFly accepts cash (€), credit & debit cards, and MB reference payment. DreamFly does not accept any form of cheques, American Express, or any other currency except euro.

7. Cancellation rights

Considering that the reservation obliges Dreamfly to immediately organize the means for the indoor skydiving experience, reserving that date for that service, and being that experience related to leisure activity, with a specific date of execution, the Customer acknowledges that he or she shall not be entitled to cancel or rescind the contract with DreamFly after purchase, losing the right to free cancellation, implying such cancellation the loss of the amount paid, without any refund.

The customer may change the date and time for a booking minimum of 24 h before the reserved time.

The same cancellation rights apply to group reservations, however, changes to the date and time of group reservations of 5 participants or more, should be made 72 h before the reserved time.

We recommend participants to arrive a minimum 45 minutes before their reserved flight time. If a participant is not checked in any later than 30 minutes before his or her reserved flight time, the reservation will be forfeited.

8. Requirements for participation in indoor skydiving with DreamFly

Only persons who meet certain personal requirements (e.g. age, health, weight) may take part in tunnel experiences. The conditions are stated in the RESPONSIBILITY AND CONSENT FORM on the bottom of this page. After a reservation has been made, the customer shall be responsible for ensuring that the customer or the person who is to take part in the experience meets the minimum requirements. In the event that the participant does not meet the minimum requirements, no refunds will be made.

9. Complaints book

DreamFly has a complaints book located in the front reception office for anyone wishing to make a complaint. Complaints can also be submitted by email to contact@dreamfly.eu or by post to DreamFly, R. Alto do Forte IC 19, 2635-018 Rio de Mouro. Please make sure to give your full name and contact details.

10. Law and jurisdiction

These terms and conditions of use, the privacy and cookie policies, and all purchases made by any Customer are subject to Portuguese law, and the parties agree that in the event of a dispute the competent court will be the district of Lisbon.


Warning: the practice of wind tunnel flying, usually called Indoor Skydiving, may be dangerous and there are risks inherent to its practice, even when carried out according to the best procedures and safety recommendations and the users may suffer damages, bodily injuries or even fatal accidents.


Citizen Card no:

Valid until:

Tax ID. no:

Date of birth:





Zip Code:


I, identified above, having decided to have a wind tunnel flying class – Indoor Skydiving or bodyflyig– freely sign this consent form, expressly assuming and accepting, without any reservations, the content of all clauses of this document.

1. Statement– The student states that he/she received satisfactory information regarding the modality and that he/she is fully aware of the meaning of wind tunnel flying, having been provided with all clarifications requested. Furthermore, the student is aware that the information provided in this document, namely regarding the weight (less than 120kg), age (over 4 years old) and health condition were conditions for the acceptance of the enrolment and execution of the flight by D4F.

2. Risk – The student states that he/she is fully aware of the nature, purpose, and risk of the indoor skydiving practice and that he/she freely and voluntarily decides to incur such risks by taking the class, undertaking to follow all instructions of the instruction that shall accompany him/her.

3. Liability– The student, by signing this form, exempts D4F, as well as all its managers, employees, instructors and other collaborators, from all and any liability for personal, moral and patrimonial damages, or of any other type, that may be caused to him/her and/or to his/her goods, in the case:

i) the statements provided are not true;

ii) he/she does not comply with the safety instructions, rules and procedures;

iii) force majeure events or circumstances, which cannot be predicted or foreseen by D4F, even when all safety rules and producers, according to the best technical and technological state of the art, are ensured.

4. Health condition– The student states that he/she is in a good health condition, does not suffer from any disease or physical/psychic disorder, did not suffer any back or shoulder injury (particularly a shoulder luxation or dislocation), is not undergoing any medical treatment which prevents him/her from practicing any sport; that he/she never had cardiac or pulmonary diseases, diabetes, nervous or psychic disorders; that he/she does not suffer from frequent faint, seizures, epilepsy, hyper or hypotension; that he/she does not suffer from any other disease incompatible with the practice of body flying and that he/she is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In case of female students, she furthermore states that she is not pregnant.

5. Withdrawal – The student states that he/she is aware that if he/she decides not to fly after the beginning of the class’s procedures or abandons the tunnel before completing the flight, he/she will not be reimbursed for the amount paid.

6. Video and photographs– The student states to be aware that images – in video and photograph – may be capture during the class, through electronic equipment installed inside the wind tunnel, which may fail; in such case, the student shall be reimbursed for the amount regarding the filming and/or photographs, according to the pack subscribed, only paying the cost of a simple flight.

7. Use of images – The student states that he/she authorizes the use of the images and photographs of his/her flights for any advertising or promotional purposes of the correspondent modality by D4F, namely through its disclosure in the correspondent website and social media.

8. Personal data – The student authorizes D4F to collect and process his/her personal data, which may be used for information on new services, events or discounts and shall be eliminated if so wished by the student who must, for this purpose, send an email to the following address: ………..@…………..

This document is governed by the Portuguese law and any dispute shall be solved by the Judicial Court of Lisbon, which is expressly agreed by the student.

In Lisbon, ____ of ____, __________________

The student: ____________________________________________

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